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    if you've got one, i'd really appreciate it if you could let us know how well these work at picking up your own whispers or the sound of yourself speaking under your breath (for recording private flashes of brilliance).

    the same applies for iphone, htc and droid headsets, which look like they ought to be compatible.

    EDIT: if you've got a better headset to recommend, i'd appreciate that as well -although to be honest, i don't think i'd be happy with spending more than 20 bucks.
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    Well, I can say for my Pres (minus, 2 and 3) that using a regular cheap earbuds/mic is pretty darn sensitive. If I do the dishes or crinkle a plastic bag with my headset on, it sounds like an avalanche on the other end.

    So... probably pretty darn good for whispering into your lapel? Although maybe those sounds are just in the wheel house of the mic response.

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