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    Maybe there's a way to grab the money & run - leaving PayPal to swallow the loss.

    It's the only explanation I can think off. I suppose it's possible the item got lost in transit and the seller just threw up her hands and took a loss, too embarrassed to reply, but not supplying a tracking code in the first place is very suspicious. Though rare (and therefore fairly valuable) it's quite an obscure item to base a scam on.

    By the way Alan, I did buy that Logitech BT audio adapter. I don't really use it with the phone, but the Pre3 pairs easily, so that plus a TS1 might give you the functionality you want, but I guess you want the genuine article.
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    Why are you still here? Obviously you don't like webOS devices. Let those that do enjoy them. Yeah, I'm being harsh, but you have done nothing but make inflammatory posts lately, and this one lit a fire under me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DWill22 View Post
    Why is this forum promoting it?
    It's a cry for help. DWill22 is really saying, "Ban me before I troll again!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Morford View Post
    Never received. "Barb" never replied to me or PayPal. I'm guessing it was a hacked PayPal account and they did a money transfer. I think the account should be banned personally. I'm not an admin though. Oh and I did get my money back from PayPal.
    Bummer - Who knows what 'went wrong' there!
    I am glad you got a Paypal refund anyway.
    If I spot another TS2 anywhere, you'll be the first to know.

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