okay, my collection of tablets is slowly growing, currently have the Touchpad/iPad3/Generic Chineese 7" Android tablet, and ill probably get whatever tablet the genious dev crew here manage to cram open webOS into one day, i now find i only have sort of wallet/case type solutions for 2 of these and nothing at all for the ipad (because atm its primarily used as an expensive internet tv).

Usually id just carry whichever i have on me at the time and dump the rest at home, i am as you guessed a proper geek, some of my family are also proper geeks and the usual "who owns the most geeky" type meetups occur, and typically i just bring the touchpad and sometimes the android tablet would fit in some of my inner coat pockets np.

as the collection grows tho i kinda want all my tech toys on me, a bag would be nice, ive had laptop bags which were ok but emphasised too much on giving a ton of inner pouch/pockets around the main padded area, all nice but rarely did the extra bits serve any real use or fit anything i had beyond usb sticks and the likes.

Ive had a look around and tbh all the tablet focused bags that looked useful seem like slimmer versions of the laptop ones, One main padded bit for One tablet and some random pockets/pouches for other stuff, whereas id prefer a bag that could support at least 2-3 touchpad sized tablets (the 7" tablet would probably fit in 1 of the other random pouches as its nice and small), phone not important as that typically stays in my coat pocket.

the ideal bag wouldnt even need 2-3 inner pouches for the 10" tablets, just enough room to hold 2-3, i could easily just have the tablets in some thin cloth pouches to stop them scratching each other inside.

Big question is has anyone seen something like this (or already do something similar themselves), even if its not directly intended for tablets but still works as such, in a dream solution would also fit whatever my 4th tablet (whatever open webOS is eventually jammed into) would end up being as well, tho not important as that days quite a ways off atm.

any suggestions?