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    Touchstone question for you guys. When I place my Touchpad on the Touchstone, it will fully charge it as normal. However, after it has reached a full charge, every few minutes it will "bing" and display the "Charging Battery" notification, as if it has just been placed on the charger.

    I know that it is a problem with this particular Touchstone, as the other two that I use it with regularly don't cause this behavior.

    Any ideas?
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    Check USB cable connection? If you're adventurous, crack it open and see if anything's loose.

    I wish I had a Touchstone. They were quite expensive before the fire sales, and now they're all gone.
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    I find if it's at too steep of an angle, or the TouchPad isn't sitting square on the Touchstone, it will give these issues. Maybe check to see that the barrel plug is firmly connected by twisting it tighter.
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    Twist the barrel, or try one of the known working charging barrels. Also swap TS to verify it is not a voltage drop at that outlet.

    If none of that works, contact HP, I find it easy to hit chat support in the help app!
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    I've swapped out the barrel, and tried another touchstone in this socket with no luck, so I'm going to follow up with HP support. It's still under warranty, so they should be able to help me.

    Thanks Guys!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    I wish I had a Touchstone. They were quite expensive before the fire sales, and now they're all gone.
    Off-topic: I just got another Touchstone from Amazon, so you should be able to find one if you really want.
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    Just to follow up on this thread, since I realized that I haven't yet - support diagnosed it as busted and sent me a new one, which works perfectly.
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    It's the Touchstone charger, I have the same issue with my Pre 3 and and one of my 4 Touchstone chargers that I use. The faulty charger was on my nightstand next to my bed but after a few times of it dinging a 3 am and waking me up, it was quickly replaced with another one.

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