hey all,

i recently got an ATT Pre3, unlocked it, and have been using it on StrTalk, the $45 plan.

(side: 1/2 way into first renewal of $45 plan; in Atlanta metro coverage is good, but I really only use data to stream Pandora, and it interrupts FREQUENTLY (does the clockwise swirling icon) for what feels like minutes on end. my pre1 on sprint RARELY interrupts Pandora, unless i'm up in rural area.)

anyway, so i got one of the mugen higher cap, standard size batts. so far, good results. it works. but the H+ service, kills a batt. quick, and if you're using bluetooth, it vaccuums a batt. in the car, you have to have a 2A charger to keep the power up.

so - i searched for a universal charger of BATTERIES, not phones, so i could buy extra batteries and recharge them all overnight at once. (that's why i have 4 pre1 batts + two batt. chargers, and 5 touchstones (one of which i dremeled to try to fit the Pre3 better: minor improvement.) but stuff is cheap now! hoard up! hahaha

i purchased on fleabay, the ANKER branded universal batt. charger.

link to image: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/...500_AA300_.jpg

the instructions indicate you just slide the pins, put the battery in, it determines polarity and charges any shape. it adjusts to any position.

i tried it with the Pre3 OEM batt. but the terminals on the batt are so tight i couldn't make connection. (this will prove a blessing later)

so, i tried it with Pre1 batt #5. made the contacts easy with that design, watched for the LED indicators as instructed and plugged it in.

the next morning, the case of the battery was melted near the contacts, and the bloated entirely.

yay; so glad my house didn't burn down.

i notified the seller who asked for pictures, refunded the purchase; then offered $8 toward a replacement battery if i agreed to return their pre-paid RMA. no problem; already done.

so their follow up was appropriate. but heck, i coulda lost an OEM Pre3 battery if it weren't for the design of the contacts being so deep-set. lucky. but RIP batt. #5. he went with the RMA; probably being dissected right now. (batt #6 RIP from ironic hot tub incident; but tha's another story)

meanwhile; my conclusion is this: would have been nice to have a universal batt. charger so i can charge multiple batteries w/o multiple back cover removals and power cycles, but that one i'm afraid of. plus, i looked at their ad and it actually doesn't include the Pre3 in their application list with all the other Pre's, so if i had fried it i'd probably have been s.o.l.

SO - if anyone can recommend a GOOD universal batt. charger that would work with Pre3 batts, please reply with a link.

also interested in if anyone's used this style (any brand) and has had success, no issues, works as directed.

i'd like to know how the charger can be "smart" enough that polarity is irrelevant.

also, OEM batts use the middle terminal for something. Because i have one "bootleg" battery. it's got a grey label, has palm hologram even, (it runs down quicker) and when i use a multimeter just for volts, the grey one only requires touching the outer two terms and is usually only right above 3.7v. the black PALM batts will not give a reading unless you ground the middle contact first for a moment; then touch the pos. and you'll get a full reading of about 4.15v.

this battery thing is one of the 'negatives' vs. a Pre2. which i'm considering Frankenpreing my sprint pre1 with a verizon pre2, or just going to verizon, since today my boss offered a $65 phone allowance. hmm. i could also put the Pre3 on REAL AT&T with that money.

(side: i think i'll go Pre2 on Sprint. Just to have a Frankenpre for a while. i may do it tonight. And the Pre1 reminded me that no svc. can touch my 'grandfathered' data plan with no $10 smartphone fee, and a Pandora app that runs continuously just fine on 3G; along with the battery usage.)

so, i don't recommend this charger. i do recommend this headset i'm wearing: the LG HBS 700. in fact, i'm going to buy a 2nd one just in case this one ever has an issue. i LOVE It that much.

right now it's friday, so have a good weekend! (if it's not friday for you right now, just wait a few more days and then have one)