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    While not a touchpad case, at least according to the package anyway, this new Solo Padfolio I picked up today does a pretty nice job for my intended purpose. You'd never know it wasn't meant for the TP.

    Picked up a new iPad case today, even though it’s not for an iPad. I picked up a HP Touchpad back during the big “firesale” last August and I couldn’t be happier with it. $150 bought me 32GB worth of tablet with the WebOS operating system, which I love dearly. Don’t get me wrong, I like my PCs running windows, and my iPhone 4S with the iOS environment, but I love me some WebOS too.

    Anyway, here is a quick picture of the case all zipped up.

    And opened up...

    It has a few pockets on the left hand side, for business cards, small papers, etc. A pen loop on the spine for carrying your favorite writing tool, and on the right is a ‘divider’ of sorts that will hold any standard 58 junior sized legal pad.

    Flip that legal pad divider over and you get this…

    Although it is made for ‘all models of iPad,’ it houses my HP touchpad, and I’d assume any other 9.7″ tablet rather effectively. Elastic along the sides allows devices of different thicknesses to make themselves at home beneath the frame. A Velcro tab along the left opens to allow the device to slide in or out, and keeps it in there rather securely.

    You can also pull up on the left side of the tablet, and line it up with the Velcro on the reverse of the legal pad and make it into a completely functional stand, like so…

    As for quality, it seems to be rather well constructed, nice quality leather. It smells amazing, not that that particular detail is very important. All in all, a very nice accessory to add to your HP touchpad or iPad or any other tablet for that matter, so long as it fits into the sleeve in back. Looking around online, it seems to be selling in the ballpark of $50-$70 depending on the retailer, but I picked mine up at Sam’s Club for a shade under $40 (+ tax) and so far I’m really digging it.

    For those who are looking at this for the TouchPad, I’ll add as an FYI that due to the thickness of it, I don’t think the touchstone will work through the case. I mainly bought this thing for carrying back and forth to work while allowing me to also carry along a notepad and pen and be able to store a few documents, all while being able to be zipped up to keep the contents secure.
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    The only problem with it and most non-oem iPad cases is that they obsure the bezel surround and don't facilitate swiping from off-screen to minimise a window to card view.
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    Swipe will still work in portrait, and generally when I'm running in landscape, I'm using the keyboard as well, so it hasn't proven to be a big issue for me personally, but a valid point none the less.
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    Nice writeup, looks just the kind of thing my wife needs as a new TP case/stand/folio.

    I saw a review on Amazon that said the velcro touches the TP screen when the padfolio is closed and the reviewer was concerned about the velcro ultimately making marks on the screen. Has that happened in your case, at all?
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    Sorry for the delayed response, haven't been on in a few days. The velcro that contacts the screen is the "loop" or soft part of the velcro, so I'm not overly concerned with it. It hasn't made any marks on my screen in the month+ that it's been in there. If you were really concerned, it wouldn't be too hard to just toss a microfiber screen cloth between the screen and the velcro to cover all of your bases, but like I said, no issues here.

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