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    After three years on a Pre (and Franken-Pre), I have four Touchstone chargers scattered around my home and office, and I'd love to continue to use them for my upcoming S III. Unfortunately, I am not the guy to try modding my phone, not even with the excellent pictorial step-by-steps folks post.

    So: (1) Does anybody do such modding for cash? (2) Is he or she likely to do it for the S III?
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    I'm sure someone will take some $$$ from you to do this. It's usually 4 solder points and some wire arrangement.

    Before you send someone your phone and money make sure it's even possible. The Galaxy S2 (Epic 4G Touch) has problems when charging via the coil. I attempted a rough mod to see if it would work before soldering everything in and voiding some warranty. (It charged, but the digitizer was thrown out of wack making the touchscreen useless while charging.)

    It seems there's always someone who will attempt to add the pre coil to top end Android devices. Keep checking on Android Central. If it gets to be a few weeks out without anyone reporting an attempt, make a thread and someone may try it out.
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    OP... if you are looking for a mod for a non-webOS device, please use one of our sister-sites: AndroidCentral, or WPCentral. The OP question has nothing to do with this site as a webOS support community.


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