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    Now that the Jorno foldable BT keyboard has been canceled, does anyone know if its replacement - the Nomad - works with Pre2s and Touchpads?

    I imagine it does but it would be nice to know for sure.

    I'm also going to ask Nomad customer support in the meantime.
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    The official response from Nomad is that "NOMAD has the SPP and HID bluetooth profiles, so if your devices support HID bluetooth, then NOMAD is compatible."

    Checking the Info app, under the Hardware tab on my Pre2, I can see that the list of Supported Bluetooth profiles includes SPP and HID.
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    Hi, jshare is correct. If your device has the HID bluetooth profile, NOMAD KEYBOARD is compatible. Email me at for any additional questions. Thank you!
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    The Nomad Mobile people have just told me about a promotion for forum members:

    We would be more than happy to offer any WebOS forum members a discount. We can offer $79 pricing and free shipping if they email us at with the promo code WEBOS. Discount is valid through June 30th.

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