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    The Battery Health of my Mugen 1400mAh Battery for Pre 3 dropped suddenly from 98% to 60%. I wrote to Mugen Batteries, describe my problem and try to get a replacement. They answered very soon, I will get a replacement, but there were following sentence in the answer:

    We prefer don't charge the battery with touchstone, it's better to charge it with USB cable.

    Until now i was convinced, that there is no difference between Touchstone and USB charging. What do you think about it?
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    More expert people will likely correct me or add more infos

    I think that the differences between charging using the cable and the touchstone are

    1) on the touchstone, it should take a bit more time
    2) on the touchstone, the battery would get more hot

    This said, I've the phone since december, and I'm using only a touchstone ( aside the first 2 weeks ). The battery is a stock one, and now is at 98% or 99% at full charge ( I mean, overall it lost 1 to 2% of runtime )
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    I note better charging and a lot less heat with the cable and not the touchstone. The touchstone is better with the screen off (rather than in exhibition mode), but direct on the cable is best.
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    I never once used a wire to charge my Mugen battery in my Pre and after 2 years it still had over 90% capacity.
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    Battery health still says 1460mAh, 100% on mine. Bbeen charging on Touchstone exclusively except for the break-in period. Had mine since the battery was launched.
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    Battery health is 96% 1402 MAH of 1460.... (so still technically better than what I paid for)

    I carry my Pre3 every day, haven't used another phone or battery since I got my mugen battery (preordered, us US folks got ours about a week after other preorder folks). Charge on the TS ALL the time, on and off the TS all day at work, on and off TS when I get home and on the TS while I sleep.

    I think for the initial break in period I did plug it in, but maybe not for all of them (went thru entire break in cycle over a 2 day weekend).
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