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    Having been looking around for a bt keyboard and I found a nice one with a decent price. It works with android 4.0 all right. But I am not sure if it will work on webos. Of couse, I think I need to do some key mapping.
    It uses bluetooth 3.0 class 2 standard. Would that be ok?
    And it is designed for ios, android 2.2 up, symbian, wm...

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    Yes, it will work. But as you would expect, the iPad specific keys will do nothing and the TouchPad specific keys as on the webOS Keyboard will not be present.
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    So is it possible to configure those key-mappings to enable those keys' function on the keyboard? eg. reassign one ipad function key to be flipping between cards in webos. I suppose it would be a tough work to do.

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