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    I need to know if 3rd party micro USB cables will change and synchronize with the touch pad.
    Will all 3rd party micro USB cables work with the touchpad or a select few?
    Thanks forum!
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    The only incompatibility I've come across is on the pre's touchstone dock (the outer shell on the cable end is smaller than most, so others wont fit without a little work with a pocket knife). Other than that, I have used all different makes of micro-usb cables across all my devices (touchpad, pre, pre2, pre3, several android phones, Xoom, Playbook, etc).
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    Is the Hp Touchpad Micro USB Cable "Standard USB".

    Thanks Community.
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    I had the same question when I posted this one day sale item from meritline
    I thought it might be some proprietary cable, but it worked just fine.
    You plug your phone in?
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    According to this USB cable guide, there are a few kinds of micro USB

    Micro-USB A
    Micro USB B
    Micro USB AB

    the page has photos of each and larger photos when clicked
    USB Connector Guide at Cables To Go

    which type does the HP Touchpad use?
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    Micro-USB B
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    Didn't know that there were 3 types of micro USB cables.
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    I have been travelling over the past two weeks with two TouchPads and a bunch of my Car Chargers and modified 2.1A Apple iPad Chargers and an assortment of MicroUSB Cables.

    I was having problems charging the TouchPads and my Nokia N900 Phone and have now diagnosed the problem to the impedance of the different cables I was using.

    Of the FOUR Nokia Cables I have, only ONE charges the TouchPad at FULL rate. The other three give the correct charging indication but charge much slower than the HP Cable and the ORIGINAL Nokia cable.

    The three problematic Nokia cables look identical to the "original" Nokia cable but were bought on eBay. I also tried a couple of Mini USB cables with Mini to Micro adapters. One works fine but the other charges slowly.

    Edit: I have tested the various cables I have for Resistance of EACH conductor between the MicroUSB and USB A Plugs. Some interesting results:

    Original HP TouchPad Cable reads < 0.8 Ohms per conductor
    Original Nokia N900 Cable reads < 1.2 Ohms per conductor
    Fake eBay Nokia Cable reads ~ 3.8 Ohms per conductor
    1.8 Metre eBay Cable reads ~ 1.8 Ohms per conductor

    So, treasure your original HP cables!
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