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    Hey Forum,
    I would like to let the community know that the DATASTREAM Premium Micro USB Charging and Data Sync Cable does NOT work with the HP Touchpad.
    The DATASTREAM does not charge the HP Touchpad nor sync data.
    I made a correction to my last post. The DATASTREAM Cable does not charge the touchpad.
    The touchpad does display that it is charging, but the precentage does not increase.
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    The TP has some sort of special command for the charger to deliver enough juice to begin charging. Hence, if you want it to charge at a good speed, you'll need to use the original HP charger. Otherwise, leave the screen off and let it sit for a day for the battery to fully charge. It may help if you install Governor and monitor the current. I remember that the HP charger delivers 1000mA, regular USB with screen on -300mA, screen off varying from 100 to 300mA. If the TP is fully charged and plugged in, you should see a draw of +/-10mA.

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