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    title says it all. 22 hours left or until it sells out. If you don't have a sleeve, I really don't think they will go any lower. Coincidentally, it's the same verizon sleeve I posted a while back, but a buck cheaper.

    edit, after going to hit the pink wireless tab.
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    Does anyone know if the Verizon sleeve case will fit a Touchpad with a Poetic tpu skin case on it?
    I mostly use my TP around the house so the tpu case is fine, but if I want to take it places would like something to slip it in and toss it in my backpack.
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    It fits, but it's very tight.
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    I use the Verizon sleeve case with a black Poetic tpu skin on my TouchPad.
    I'd say this combo fits snug vs. very tight.
    My TouchPad w/skin slides in easy enough, but getting it out takes a little bit of effort.

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    It's back up again at You have to make an account to see the deal.
    It's still $1.99 shipped.
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    Additionally, Meritline has a Mini Black USB Car Charger for iPhone 4 for $2.49 shipped today
    iPhone 4 Compatible Mini Black USB Charger

    the specs are
    Input voltage:Car chargerC12V-24V
    Output:USB DC 5V
    Ripple voltage:<100mV
    Operating efficiency:> 85%
    End charging current::100mA
    Over-current protection
    Short-circuit protection
    I just did a short search for info on touchstone chargers, but it seems this one would work. Keep in mind Meritlines cheap stuff is
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    Thanks, I picked one up this time, looks like it will fit around the folio case and all.
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    I don't see it at that link or on the wireless tab.
    nevermind-found it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdod View Post
    Thanks, I picked one up this time, looks like it will fit around the folio case and all.
    If you're planning on putting the touchpad with the folio case inside this sleeve, it's not going to fit. I'm trying to put the empty folio case inside the sleeve and it's really tight. With the touchpad, it's not going to fit.

    I'd hate for you to waste that 1.99 !
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