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    this may be asked before but can any one who is using xtremeguard screen protectors for TP let me know how good they are, do they have any yellow tint? are they anti-glare screen protectors or normal one? and if any other screen protectors with clear display, anti-glare at that price(around $9)
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    i have the same guestion. Also the idea of water/soap, scares me.
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    Are they on sale or something? I have a skinomi protector I love. It's a wet-type application and they give you a bottle of spritzer stuff with it.
    It's funny I didn't find Xtremeguard on a search- I thought I had remembered a lot of skins being reviewed.
    You plug your phone in?
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    I bought xtremeguard for my TouchPad (front and back skin) and I have to say that I was surprised in a positive way, cheap but very good quality. In first package I received, the back skin hasn't been laser cut properly so I coulnd't apply it well, I wrote to them and they've sent me a brand new first and back skin on their expense.

    Applying the skin to Touchpad isn't hard. You just take some warm water and a few drops of liquid soap and you mix the water a bit. I've used a spritzer, you have to apply the "water" on the skin and the Touchpad, you have to wet it a lot, for an easy application.Just have a towel by yourself to "catch" all of the liquid which you'll be pushing from the device with a squegge.

    Take a look of their video tutorial (on their website).

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