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    what does it do
    so far I have not found that it does anything using the HP BT keyboard on the Touchpad
    I like the HP keyboard (the folks there can design lovely hardware) but I do not understand what this key does
    a side note:
    Control Alt Del on the Microsoft BT Ergonomic Keyboard initiates a Luna reset on the Touchpad
    anyone know how to do this with the HP BT Keyboard?
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    When you press the Symbol key once, you will see a blue circle, press it twice, it goes black into "Lock" mode. Once it's locked, pressing the QWERTY row will give you this::
    next row:
    bottom row:

    Basically the exact same symbols that are on all webOS phone keyboards.

    As far as a Luna Reset, you can get Luna Manager from Preware, install it, then next time you need to do a Luna Reset, Just Type "Luna" press enter, then you'll see the emulator pop up, and a button that will restart Luna. Not exactly what you were looking for, but a solution nonetheless.

    I guess I overlooked the obvious, with Advanced Reset Options installed, when you press and hold the power key, there's an option to do a Luna Reset as well.
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    sledge007, I tried to use the symbol key as you suggested, but it did not work. I tried Memos, Email and QuickOffice apps but the symbol key did not do anything. However, when replying to this thread, I was able to make it work. Does the symbol key work for you in all apps?
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    No idea, I just tried it when I saw this thread. It's not something I really use, as most symbols are available like a standard keyboard...Shift + whatever symbol I'm trying to use. Seems like a redundant key to me.
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    I would not say redundant, but useless at this point. I wish we could use the symbol key like in webOS phones, to type foreign characters (like or ). With the on screen keyboard, you can do it by touching and hold a key so you can choose an alternate character. This would be very useful to write emails for my friends and family in Brazil.
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    thanks all
    I love the HP BT keyboard's design, but am disappointed that it does not support a reboot from the keyboard, though I may end up using the Preware solution
    the symbol key works exactly as described by Sledge007
    I hope HP will continue to improve its hardware
    HP can do a fine job with design

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