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    Quote Originally Posted by kremmen View Post
    The Description says "F/Slates" but the Part Number is the same as the TouchPad TouchStone so I have ordered two units. Let's see what happens.
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    good deal!! waiting for it to go live in the US too.
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    This is what I've been waiting for. $20-25, no problem, $40+, problem. Also, that case is a ridonkulously good deal.
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    Not working for me, and the store still states around 34 if you search
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    All gone.
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    HP really are a worthless organisation, I have just had an email cancelling my order for a touchstone. That is not the problem, the problem is they cancelled it by emailing me as part of a round robin email thus exposing my private details to 100s of other customers - a breach of the DPI. I will be reporting them in the morning.

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    Mine got cancelled as well

    I also noticed the lack of BCC on the email. I couldn't find a normal email address to forward it on to and complain so I ended up sending it to the two HP employee addresses on the list.

    One has just replied, she is not happy about it either but she is just a customer like us. But she is going to try and escalate it internally at HP.

    Let me know how you plan to go about reporting them, I might weigh in as well.
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    I emailed their data controller this morning saying that this was a clear breach of the DPA and also their own policies - I guess a number of people did this as this afternoon I received:

    Dear Customer

    I understand that yesterday you received an email from us in which your email address was inadvertently shared with other recipients.

    This was an error on our part and I apologise for this. There was also an error in the communication stating that your order was cancelled due to a fraud issue. This was not the case and I can confirm there will be no impact on your credit scoring due to this cancellation.

    I have appointed a team at HP to look into this matter and I will come back to you to explain how this happened and what we are doing to ensure it does not happen again.

    I want to reassure you that HP takes privacy and data protection matters very seriously and I can confirm that this is an isolated incident.

    With my sincere apologies.

    Nick Wilson
    HP UK&I Managing Director
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    I got the same email from Nick Wilson as well.

    I also got another reply back from the HP employee from the list I emailed making sure I received the email from Nick and to let me know that it has been escalated to the highest level.

    Nice to know that someone there cares about customers.

    @CGK: out of interest how did you find the email address of the data controller? Is it in some public record somewhere?
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    I managed to get a Touchstone from PCWorld for 15-98. It seems that many Currys and PCWorld branches have ONE unit in stock but their policy does not allow them to transfer stock of minor value between Branches.

    Mine was showing on their inventory but nobody could find it because it was in a "Clearance" bin.
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    Would there anyone be willing to buy a Touchstone (for Touchpad) for me and ship it to me (Slovenia)? Naturraly I will cover all the expenses and pay the volunteer for the service.

    I've found it here: HP TouchPad Touchstone Wireless Charging Dock at cheap prices | PC World

    and here: HP TouchPad Touchstone Wireless Charging Dock buy online | Currys

    Please if there is anyone send me a PM.

    I'm looking for a new official touchpad case too (as cheap as it goes)
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    Sorry but not available for home delivery and also none in Stores near me.

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    That sucks in Slovenia Touchpad was never officialy sold so you can imagine how much trouble I have getting the general accesories, but I'll manage it somehow, I've found the official case for 5 pounds + shiping now I'm in a hunt for the touchstone.

    The offer for the touchstone is stil live, so if there is anyone willing PM me
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    I don't have a spare. Have you checked ebay? Prices from 25 to 35 plus p&p.

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    Hey. I've just found and ordered a touhstone, 19GBP + 11GBP secured shipping to Slovenia. Thank you for your help Kremmen :-)

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