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    I know 3.05 has improved the functionality of the Bluetooth Keyboard but is it still not possible to scroll a web site? Is there some kind of shortcut to make it scroll because the arrow keys are useless for web browsing.

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    it was a pretty poor implementation of their BT keyboard, it didnt do that much more than just replace touch typing the screen with typing on a physical keyboard with very few extras.

    needs to change/integrate more tbh.
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    Yeah web page scrolling would be nice but I'd much rather have the ability to change pages in a PDF using the bt keyboard...
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    Just got a bundle with a TP and the keyboard and its about the only feature I miss, would be so nice if you could scroll up and down with some unused keys so you only had to lean forward to swap pages on forums etc.
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    I agree. I just got a Motorola Wireless Keyboard on clearance for use with my TouchPad and the 3.0.5 shortcuts work great! Even the Android menu button works like the card view button on the real HP keyboard does. The scrolling is the only thing I miss. It works great for everything else though. Maybe webOS 3.0.6 will fix this...
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