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    So I have a Touchpad and an HTC Evo Smartphone, after getting to work I realized that I left my HTC min-usb to USB charging cord at my girlfriend's place. I tried connecting my Touchpad charger to my EVO and to my work computer and it seems to be charging just fine. My question is, is it safe to charge my EVO with the Touchpad cord?

    I'm going to assume that all the mini-usb to USB cords are pretty much the same and the thing that makes the difference is the wall adapter, so I'm going to further assume that as long as I charge my phone on computers I'll be fine? I'm also going to assume that using the Touchpad cord and barrel wall adapter with my EVO wouldn't work but using the Touchpad cord with my EVO wall adapter would work in charging my phone? I'm only worried because I've heard of certain HTC cords catching on fire while charging the EVO.
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    Without seeming pedantic, the TouchPad uses a Micro USB Cable not a Mini USB Cable which is different.

    The TouchPad Micro USB Cable is a standard cable with FOUR Lines connected at each end. There is a fifth pin on the Micro USB end (Pin 4) which is unconnected.

    I don't know the HTC Evo but if it uses a STANDARD Micro USB Cable, you should be OK.
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    The TouchPad cable is indeed just a standard A-microB USB cable. anything that fits will work fine. (Not many 3rd party microB cables will fit into the Pre TouchStone, but that isn't an issue with the TP TS with its permanently attached cable).

    Only vaguely related: The cable for the Veer (wacko little magnetic business end) does have a current limit resistor in it to keep the phone from getting too hot - we had 6 or 7 different cable versions (with little color-coded collars on them) that matched various build levels of the phones.


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