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    Hi everyone,

    I appreciate this issue has been discussed before but I have not found any proper answers to my question.

    Simply, I've lost my original touchpad charger and need to buy another one. The iPhone / HTC ones I have lying around all do the slow charge thing where I get the error message, its tedious. So I would like the newer, higher powered ones that charge quickly. I've no idea what I am looking for and can't tell the difference between normal and high powered outputs. I live in the UK so if anyone could (on ebay or Amazon) link me to the cheapest fast charge wall charger I would be very grateful

    Or even just direct me at what to look for?

    Thanks, William
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    Hi William,

    You should still be able to buy the Barrel Charger as a Spare Part from HP but if not, see this thread on how to modify an Apple iPad 10W Charger to charge the TouchPad at FULL rate:

    If you don't want to DIY, PM me ......
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    Thanks texasflood, I just ordered 2 for spares, you never know.
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    Be careful here. Since I will be traveling from the USA to Europe in about a month, I recently purchased the "HP TouchPad International Travel Kit" directly from Palm USA. What I got was (per the printing on the barrel):
    157-10108-00 Output: 5V == 1.0A
    This compares to the unit that came with my 32GB TouchPad:
    157-10157-00 Output: 5.3V == 2.0A

    The good news is that all the plug adapters/configurations work with both of the barrels.

    I'm not sure if it makes much difference as I do not know what current the TouchPad itself draws, but I plan to bring both barrels when I travel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noseph View Post
    Thanks texasflood, I just ordered 2 for spares, you never know.
    I'm thinking of doing the same since there since the reasonably priced sources seem to be getting scarce might be wise to grab a couple before they are gone, at least at this price.

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