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    One of my Touchstone chargers had a problem right out of the box: any TouchPad put on it would not charge properly. The lightning bolt on the battery icon would appear and disappear rapidly, and the TouchPad would go a bit crazy with repeating "Charging Battery" notifications as the charging mode kept toggling on and off.

    Cleaning the insides of the USB connector did not help. Out of frustration I whacked the stand part of the charger a bunch of times with my hand, and suddenly the unit can charge properly again! Previously, it could not charge any of my TouchPads even with the HP case removed, but now it can charge through the HP case as it should.

    Typically, whacking something electronic would make it worse, not better, so I got lucky. Something was probably a little flaky inside the Touchstone, but got better with a little shock treatment.

    I've seen stranger things happen to electronics, but this one is worth reporting.
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    So when your TouchPad doesn't work, resort to webOS Brutality?
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    This is less brutal and complies with ISO9001
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    It's technically referred to as 'percussive maintenance'.
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    An interesting approach! My first TP TouchStone did that, Amazon promptly replaced (early July, purchases/returns were much easier then!)

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    I ordered a Touchstone off of ebay... it came DOA. Luckily the seller had more and was good about shipping me another. He also did not ask me to send back the bad one. That was perhaps 2 years ago...

    Recently I had reason to seek another Touchstone and being a packrat, still had the bad Touchstone. Rather than buy another one, I thought to first see if I could fix it... It turns out YES. Basically, I opened up the unit and after some probing under a microscope, I found a poorly soldered wire. Resoldering and voila! (or wah lah or viola...)

    Here is the detail scoop, just in any it might help someone else.
    - Open the Touchstone: Peel off the sticky base pad to reveal 3 small Phillips screws. If you are careful with the peeling, it will be possible to re-use the base pad. Unscrew the 3 screws. The base plate will now be loose but is still attached. Take a medium sized flat-head screwdriver or similar tool and insert it into the base hole where the micro-USB port resides and press down onto the plastic base plate until it pops off.
    - Now you have the Touchstone innards exposed. Orienting the Touchstone with micro-USB up, you'll see two pairs of wires coming off the PCB on the lower left, 1 pair very thick (18g?), the other pair very thin (26g) and enamel coated.
    - Its this second pair of enamel-insulated thin wires that were very poorly soldered on my DOA Touchstone. Simply scraping off more insulation and resoldering, and the Touchstone started working!
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    Thanks. Good to know.
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    Drop test successful. It's one of my preferred last resort techniques. Nice work!
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    Very nice to know. Thanks!

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