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    The touchstones for my Pre are very magnetic and hold the phone tightly but the Touchpad just sits on its touchstone. Is there a way for the TS to "hold" the TP?

    I'll explain my problem but it is a bit long:
    One of our cats has seemed to enter his terrible twos and is constantly looking for ways to wreck havoc. We can only use travel cups and everything has to be in its case right now. His latest thing is clearing off my nightstand and dresser. Luckily the TP's case does protect it well when it falls but I have gone to using the wall charger because the TS is more dangerous. The touchstone actually seems to launch the Touchpad instead of it simply dropping. My phone and it's TS fall and get retrieved without a problem. They only separated once in all the time I've had them. I have tried adjusting my TS to different angles but that hasn't helped. I have thought of using poster tack or elastic bands but neither seem very convenient, so I am looking for an easy answer.

    Also, he has been knocking the cord cylinders loose from the power strip. The other cords he leaves alone. Apparently the round is attractive to him. Any thoughts on this?

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    when not put some velcro on it or something? That will hold it to it, the only issue i then see is the cat maybe pushing the TP and TS off which would almost defeat the purpose lol
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    have you thought to lay it down? will that work? IE: close the stand...

    Here's a fun idea... invisible fence! LOL
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    Tape up the Cat Flap.
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    Exclude fluffy from the bedroom- harder done than said.

    Check your cords for chew marks. I plugged in a new TS and within 5 minutes the cat had chewed up the cable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by e-gadget-guy View Post
    have you thought to lay it down? will that work? IE: close the stand...

    Here's a fun idea... invisible fence! ĤLOL
    This is the only thing I can think of. Just fold up the touchstone and lay it flat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by e-gadget-guy View Post

    Here's a fun idea... invisible fence! LOL
    Like this?
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    Velcro sounds like a good idea, except the Touchpad velcroed to the Touchstone will both fly off together if the Cat knocks it down.

    I'd suggest just saying it flat...
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    Thanks for your comments. I'm sorry that I haven't replied sooner but testing takes time. Here's my update:

    I didn't fully try the Velcro because when I placed it between the TP and TS it made a large gap that seemed to kill the charging.
    I did try poster tack. Not sticky enough to hold on but sticky enough to "dirty" case back.
    Elastic doesn't fit around/hold well because of the shape.
    Laying it flat isn't really flat. It is very wobbly.
    So, at least for now, I am using the wall charger so that the TP lays flat on my night stand.

    About the cords:
    There are no teeth or claw marks on them. It seems to be a combination of the shape (round and tall) and the looseness of them. He seems to knock them loose. All of the other plugs on that power strip are shorter, square, and tighter.
    We tend to be careful about wires because our first lab puppy, many years ago, was a wire eater. She ate wires I didn't know existed.

    Also, we're not banning him from our bedroom. We've never banned any of our animals from the bedroom. They all can be trained, and he will be. It's just the problem of now.

    One final thing...
    I didn't buy the TP case originally. When they were on firesale, I picked it up. Now I am glad I did and I am really impressed. My TP has taken some serious tumbles during this and there is not a mark or crack on it, but my case does look a little more worn. Yeah, HP got something right.
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    Get rid of the cat! LOL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimOhara View Post
    Get rid of the cat! LOL!
    Yeah, I think that is the easiest solution!

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