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    found these:

    Energizer XP 18000
    NewTrent iCursier IMP1000 11000
    NewTrent IMP50D or IMP5000b
    ZERO-1: 12000 mAh Solar Battery Charger
    Gomadic 3400 & others

    for long flights, etc. last two list touchpad is solar or a/c ...will these work and if so, what will take me over the ocean with 2-3 feature length films to amuse me in the tin can for a 7-8h flight ??

    any advice? criteria to judge voltage output and such. Prices are from the $30+ range up to $150 or so for the hot ones. Money is NOT an insignificant issue...tia!
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    bump for some advice please...
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    Quote Originally Posted by patapoof View Post
    bump for some advice please...
    I got a Power Max backup battery for up to 5 USB devices for Christmas, opened it today and plugged it into the wall outlet to charge itself. As this device charges, once I plugged in my Pre 3, it started charging immediately; but, my TouchPad initially had the message that the device may not charge. It is charging once I OK'ed that message. I need to gauge the speed/slow response for the TP yet.

    Update: Charging rate appeared to work as well as my HP charging stand.
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    Update. This one works well even if you get the USB error. If you put the touchpad in airpane mode, charge rate is pretty good, almost like the default.;cp=1&lp=3

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    I use a Zagg Spark (sp?) and it works great. Still gets the charging error, which is unnerving the first time.

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