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    There is a sale on this printer for $29.00 and I would like to get one. I do not have a wireless printer and we have 3 Touchpads in our household.

    Does this printer work well with the Touchpad?
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    Not at all, don't bother. Get something more expensive that works. While this printer stupidly supports AirPrint, it isn't supported by the touchpad.
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    30$... are you insane? buy it! even if it doesn't work directly, you can send the document-to-be-printed to a custom e-mail address (he eprint) and as long at is under 5mb it will print just fine. p1102w is small, fast and works just fine. I have it.
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    Thanks for the inputs, gents, I am going to get one to try it out.
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    where is this sale?
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    Just bought one today from Staples doorcrasher 1 day sale in Canada. Also bought the 1212 mfc model as well for $99.00 for my office lan.

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