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    Does anyone know if it would be possible to buy a Pre or Pixi back cover and transplant the TouchStone bits off there onto the XL 2800mAH battery's back cover to make it charge on a TouchStone?
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    Maybe it would be worth to inquire with mugen if they experimented with the possibility of offering a touchstone back for the 2800mah battery

    I'm saying this just in case it has some known (to them) drawbacks or issues
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    Ugh I ordered the 1400mah battery a month ago and it still hasn't come in. And now they won't reply to my email...

    edit: They just responded and are shipping it now. Thanks
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    Delivery was no problem in my case. It took 2 or 3 weeks (to Germany) in both cases. Also the 2800 battery works fine. But I have now the second 1400 Battery with the same problem (while returning of the first one also worked without problem). After a few charging cycles it charges up to 1700 mAh (displayed in Dr. Battery). But when discharging the Pre3 switches of itself already between 25 and 35%. So the capacity isn't really higher but only the calculated value of the chip in the battery.
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    too expensive
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