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    If I put the touchpad on the touchstone and then connect it via USB and select "close" ...does it "know" which one to charge from, or is this a "no-no" ??
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    its no no. Won't charge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Balooz View Post
    its no no. Won't charge.
    Seems that may be inaccurate inasmuch as i had my TP on the TS charging all day & several hrs had usb connected to use webosqi and everything worked.fine...
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    I would still like to know how the touchpad "sees" simultaneous touchstone & usb charge only far I know it doesn't complain, but does it feel pain??
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    The touchpad really doesn't charge when connected via USB. there just isn't enough power there. that's why the button that was labeled "Just Charge" on phones was changed to "Close" on the TouchPad. If you've installed the patch that changes it back to "Just Charge", that's strictly a cosmetic change.

    Don't worry, the TouchPad power circuitry knows what to do. You can have it connected to USB and on the Touchstone all day long with no ill effect.

    edit: for the record though, the Touchpad does take power from the USB port even when it's only connected to a computer. it's just not enough to exceed the touchpad's idle power usage and make a positive charge to the battery.
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