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    anyone have these things? just a little skin/armor to protect the touchpad instead of a staand/case combo? was thinking of getting this so if the tp falls or gets slid on a surface (inevitable) then it will be fine.

    id also like to know if you can stick these guys in a stand/case too. thin enough?
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    I have mine in a gumdrop moto case. it cost $9 + shipping. works great, i had to cut holes for the speakers, but all other holes line up perfectly. I also plan on hitting it with the heat gun to stretch it out just a hair, it fits 90% perfect but i am greedy and want it to fit perfect.

    edit looks liek i got the last one at $9 from | Panache

    but they are 17 shipped here: Gumdrop Moto Skin - iPad: Electronics

    as far i as can tell griffen and otterbox cases won't work.
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    If you are looking for a skin, I recommend the Best Skins Ever product. We have both mine and my wife's Touchpads covered with BSE. I'm a real fan and immediately order their matching skins whenever I order any new, shiny, portable device such as my Blackberrys, my Zune, and the wife's Sansa mp3. I love the protection it adds and the BSE skins are "rubbery" enough that they helps in handling the device plus it actually will absorb the shock of dropping the smaller portable devices like phones and mp3 players on pavement or concrete. I doubt it would help much to absorb dropping my Touchpad on concrete though...since it's so heavy. me the Willies just thinking about it!

    My wife's Touchpad is covered in BSE but she also has in one of the HP folio cases and it fits perfectly and is easily removed, despite the snug fit.

    For a full Touchpad skin they are $18.99. Here's a link to their website:

    HP TouchPad Skin

    Their skin material is really phenominal. If you have never applied a BSE before, it's worth watching someone do it on's not hard but just be deliberate and take your time. Make sure to keep your fingers well moistened during the handling of the skin so you don't leave fingerprints in the adhesive side. Here's a link to someone installing a BSE on an iPad:

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