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    Been using two Touchstones with my TP since for the last three weeks without issue. This weekend I went out of town and charged the TP with the regular USB charger. Now I can't get the Touchstones to charge the TP. I have even taken the HP Case off with no luck. Touchstones work fine as I am able to charge another TP without issue.

    Any ideas? Any setting on the TP that ignores Touchstones? Etc.

    Update: Now the TP won't charge on the USB charger. This could be bad.

    Update 2: I must be some sort of technical guru. I was able to get everything working correctly by merely rebooting the TP. I hate it when I don't think to reboot first.
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    lol. The funny thing about webOS is how self-healing it is. It's a good thing too, considering how often crap happens.

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