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    I got a screen protector early on, but for those that don't use one, how's that glass holding up?
    You plug your phone in?
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    Had mine ever since the fire side sale and not a scratch. I do use a case and take care to make sure no sand has made it's way on to the portion that covers the screen before I close it.
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    yeah , I wouldn't take any chances with barebacking , wrap it before you use it man
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    Just using the HP case with mine, and have had no problems yet. It's quite a large screen, not very pocketable, so no worries about getting scratches on it. And yes, you should be aware of how clean the back of the flap cover is before closing it..

    Just think of it this way, did you put a screen protector on your laptop? Notebook? Netbook?

    Gahd I hope not. But in case you did, how's that holding up?
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    I've had mine since the middle of July, and have only used the official case, and no screen protector. I have a few small scratches, but nothing too major, and I can only see them if I angle it up to the light. I've had a few drops over the months, maybe I've been lucky.

    I did see a video on YouTube before buying my TouchPad, on how to get small scratches buffed out of Gorilla Glass with whitening toothpaste and vinegar. Don't know if it works as demo'd, I figured I'd wait until my screen gets bad enough that it bothers me before attempting something like that.

    Overall, 4 months and doing fine.
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    the glass was just way too smooth for me.
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