I have a pretty decent and inexpensive PU leather case that I bought off of eBay. $14.45 + $6.06 shipping CAD to Canada. If anyone is interested in the case, here is the eBay link complete with photos and information in the listing. Leather Case Cover for HP Touchpad Black w/ Screen Pro | eBay

Anyhow, it's actually quite nice and fits snugly. You also get a free screen protector too but I have not installed mine yet. Don't really see a point with Gorilla glass so it sits in its package in a drawer for now.

Anyhow the case covers a bit too much of the edges of the screen in my opinion. Like by a few millimetres. But, I just found out that it's not the bezel area that has capacitive sensors in it, but indeed it is the screen itself. The gestures do work with the case installed though. You just need to be more precise in your placement of your fingers obviously.

However, it does bug me a bit and so I have been thinking about shaving a bit of the edges off and refinishing the edges with Edge Kote leather edge finishing product. So long story short, I found this video off of YouTube that may give some of you brave modders a tip or two on doing your own "hacks".

I learned a lot actually and am VERY tempted to buy an edge bevelling tool and black Edge Kote to try this myself. Not sure if I am going to do this at this point in time, but obviously I've been researching it and just may go down that path eventually...

So I thought I would post that link in case anyone out there is more brave than I am.