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    It doesn't matter what code you use...

    1234, 0000, 9876, 5487... Whatever code you want. So long as you type the same thing into each side of the pairing.

    There is no "stock" code only an ad hoc one that you set for each pairing instance.
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    I paired my keyboard with an android phone (after being paired with Touch pad) by pressing the power button key for 10 seconds then scanning for the device, attempt pairing, enter "0000" on phone/device first, then enter "0000" on the keyboard...having a few beers first helped too

    Not sure, but I think holding the power button down for 10 secs might give same result as removing and replacing the batteries?

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockbeast View Post
    There is a great deal on HP Bluetooth Keyboard on, $19.99 and free shipping I think, so I wondered about whether you can pair and use the keyboard with a Pre2? I am running it on webOS 2.1.
    Tested it, it pairs perfectly well with the Palm Pre 2 device, and it also helps that the WebOS v2.1 supports Bluetooth keyboards.

    I know it's a late response, but I hope it helps to answer your question
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    THANKS SO MUCH!! I finally could pair my hp touchpad with the hp touchpad bluetooth keyboard
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkgift View Post
    actually, it's the other way around. Type "000" in the Pre3 first, then "000+enter" on the keyboard.
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