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    Since the Pre 3 won't have any cradles or cases made for it, I decided to fabricate my own cradle to mount in my car. Hopefully this will prevent the phone from falling off the touchstone during a bumpy ride.

    What I used/needed:
    1. Flat metal sheet. Something that is firm, but thin enough to be bent.
    2. Pen/Marker to draw the cutout.
    3. Scissors
    4. Dremel tool
    5. Sandpaper or something similar to smooth out the cuts
    6. Masking tape
    7. Black paint

    I used heavy duty scissors to cut out a general shape, then finished up with a dremel rotary.
    Next, I smoothed out the corners and edges with sandpaper and more dremel-ing.
    Keep in mind to cut the arch high enough as to not block the rear speaker.
    I also had to cut some more metal off based on how well the cutout fit with the touchstone and pre3 mounted.
    After everything looked good, I painted it black.
    Whenever I pick up a can of Plasti-dip, I will spray paint the "legs" to prevent any scratches and even possibly provide a little grip.
    Pictures are below.
    I plan to attach this piece to a mounting arm that is already installed in my car.
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    Nice! Such a good idea. I might have to build this soon.
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    Very nice! I like how it is much lower profile then some of the other cradle hacks. Are you mounting this more vertically or more horizontally?
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    if you want to make another one, I will buy it From you.
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    everythingsablur: I will mount this more vertically, about the same angle as you would mount a GPS device. I am attaching this to a mounting arm + ball and socket for full range motion.
    cantaffordt: If I can figure out an easier way to cut the piece, I will consider. I don't have a CNC mill or table router. I did find my tin snips though! =)
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    you need to mass produce ur metal brace an sell, I'd pay also for a couple of them....

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