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    Does any one know if the Tablet Portfolio for iPad and iPad 2 Tablets at brookstone works with the touchpad i was thinking about getting this when i travel but i am not sure how it will fit.
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    I bought one for my TP, and it does work. I actually have two, becasue the placement of one of the keys on the Brookstone (I think it's the quotation-mark key), is in a different place from a standard QWERTY keyboard. Kinda annoyed me.

    In addition, the Brookstone also has the rubbery keys, which I find more difficult to work with. Others may not.

    I actually liked how that keyboard worked a bit better for movements up, down, and across a line of text, but the other stuff I mentioned above made it annoying.

    That's MY two-cents worth!

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    If it's one like this Best Buy Tablet Portfolio by Brookstone for Sale | Facebook it should be fine but make sure it's for iPad1 not iPad2 as iPad2 cases generally are too slim.

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