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    Ok, now that we have a host usb solution, has anyone tried connecting a 4G or LTE USB device?

    I don't have one to sink my teeth into and before I shed 100$ on one i'd really like to know if it works.

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    Really guys... no one went down that road?
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    Why don't you just get a hotspot? Those will work just as well, connecting through wi-fi. It's what I do.
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    if you live in a Comcast area,

    I have a 16gb micro sd card mounted as a Samba share on my TouchPad for Music and Movies. I pay $40 a Month for unlimited 4G data. It also supports USB tethering.
    works great!
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    Because I do have the hardware (except the cables/adapters) for the usb-solution but not for the hotspot one, Im interested in the usb solution as well or in a bluetooth solution with an old-fashioned non-Android, non webOS, non iOS mobile.

    Could anyone give me a hint about an app like MWConn (for windows) to realize an 4G connection?
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    usb modems well the 3g/4G ones use a lot of juice. I had one that go so hot the 4g modem literally unsoldered itself and stopped working. The second is much better. I'm only familar with wimax solutions but have no problem with it regardless if I'm streaaming music to my touchpad while driving or not. The wifi hot spot box I listed above has better signal and download sp2eds but if you have to have a usb stick check this one out. This one does have a 500ma draw unlike my first modem that used a usb cheater power cable to get more than 500ma, but then agajn it committed suicide.

    I choose comcast for service because they sell there equip for the cheapest and unlimited 4g data with 5gb 3g for $40 a month is a deal. I rarely use the 3g but my hotspot modems switch over without interrupting anything, even VOIP calls.
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