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    Specifically this one:
    ThinkGeek :: Vers Wood iPad Case

    It happens to be on sale and, frankly, looks pretty classy. This link seems to indicate that the dimensions of the Touchpad and iPad are identical:
    HP TouchPad vs. Apple iPad tablet showdown

    But I don't know where the ports and openings are located on an iPad, meaning that the wooden case could be potentially covering up the charging port, speakers, etc.

    Can anyone enlighten me?
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    This case is designed for the iPad 2.

    The iPad accessories fitting closely the TP are usually the ones for the iPad 1.

    The iPad 2 is of a more flat shape and I don't think the rounded back of a TP would fit nicely in there if at all...

    If you ever buy one post a review.

    What I also see missing is a hole for the front camera...
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    Looks like It's for an original iPad rather than an iPad2.

    Our TouchPad's are a little thicker than an iPad, so it depends how snug the fit is for the iPad. That said, everything should line up fairly well except for the speaker openings on the left (in portrait)... maybe some drilling with a small drill bit or a cut-out would take care of that problem (while you're carving out a notch for the camera).

    My issue with this is it just looks too thick - I'd want to see it contoured on the sides to thin-out the feel while holding it.... if you get what I mean

    And yes to the "second screen" comment!!!

    I second
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    even if it does fit, it looks like you would have a difficult time trying to get into card view.. the edges of the bezel come right up to the screen so it would b difficult to get a proper swipe. also the button is not the same shape. i think you could possibly make the button work somehow, but that would be up to u to find out.

    or have a bt keyboard with u at all times

    also some other people with that targus truss case for ipad fitted onto their touchpad had one of the corners just covering the vol up, so that may also b another issue too.
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    This could also add significant weight to the already not-insignificant weight of the TouchPad itself. Got a spare forklift ahandy? :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aganar View Post

    It happens to be on sale and, frankly, looks pretty classy.
    Not to be rude, but in my opinion that looks about as classy as a tuxedo t-shirt.

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