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    My case is seriously warped to the point where the top right kind of flaps around, so I contacted HP and they had me fax them the invoice and now I wait 3 days to contact them so the fax can "get into their system" to process a refubd. Does anyone know I'd HP typically does an advance exchange type deal or just sends a new case in this type of case situation?
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    I have four but one is badly warped since day one...keep writting
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    I am surprised HP would warranty a used case at all. From what you described it sounds like you accidentally bent the cover and want another one for free. If you mean the backing of the case is loose at the top right, they all seem to be.
    It was not abused at all. At first they said it was on me, but I sent them pics of the warped areas (around the volume rocker and power button) and they agreed to send me a replacement. I rather like the case, but the warped are seems to be getting worse by the day.

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