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    I just got a Touchpad as a gift, and need a case. I want the HP case, any idea what stores might stock them besides Staples or Wal-Mart? I really want to get something today.
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    Those will be hard to find at anystore as most stores did not carry alot of them to start with. We looked all over and still check when we are in stores so we can let friends and family know. Online is your best bet, HP has theirs in stock right now. If you do go to stores best bet would be to look for an Ipad series 1, Ipad 2 is much thiner and TP won't fit right in them. My wife got her blue one online and really likes it.
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    HP has them on their website, but some of the leather iPad cases work great for the Touchpad too.
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    Best place to pick up today would to be craigslist. You get it tax free too.

    Last time I checked, both office depot and best buy had touchpad accessories but didn't see any cases though.
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    they are $19.99 on HP's site right now. Comes to 26 w/ shipping.
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    You could try checking the clearance racks in local office and electronics stores. I found a Touchpad Touchstone in the clearance rack of a local Officemax today. There weren't any cases, but there were a couple of Targus screen protectors, too.
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    I use the Targus truss case. It is on several sites, but I got mine from Barnes and Noble because I had a 20 dollar gift card from them that they gave me for cancelling my TP order, so it cost me 3 dollars LOL. I have seen it localy at BM stores like Office Depot, but why pay 25 dollars locally when I can pay 3 online lol.
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