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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite Jest View Post
    The black verision may attract fingerprints and dust just easily
    as the back of the Touchpad.
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    Just as a follow up to my own question: The Poetic Protective case does indeed let the TP charge while in the touchstone charger. In either portrait or landscape orientation as well. I like the cover a lot- it makes the pad easier to hold- and pick up, and I'm not as afraid to set it down. I got a Neoprene Cushion Case for the TP too, and it was a fairly tight fit, but it still does fit into the case with the back cover on. Overall a good product that protects the back of the TP without being too intrusive.
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    I have been using the black one for just under a week an I really like it. I have the speaker crack and this makes me forget all about it. After a day or two it seems to fit much better. The black does collect some fingerprints, I don't think as bad as a naked TouchPad, and only on the glossy "X" on the back. The black almost totally blends in when looking at it and is hardly noticeable. I find my self using my Touchpad a lot more in it's case like this.
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