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    Very strange... as I said, I got a new Pre 2 and 2 touchstone docks and the phone wasn't working on either of them. in fact i was about to start a thread asking for help, but before i did, I opened the back of the phone and found a sticker over the charging piece. It was basically like one of those stickers you'd find on the back of a new combination master lock.. turn right 3 times to 15, turn left 3 times to 12 etc... how weird is that? how would that sticker, something totally unrelated to the phone find its way inside case placed over the touchstone receptors.

    I probably have my answer already. I bought the phone, advertised as "new" on ebay. Something tells me it wasn't really new. It has far more of an oreo effect than I expected from the Pre 2 and the box had obviously already been rifled through. But that still doesn't explain why someone would deliberately put that sticker in there.

    Anyone have any color on this for me?

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    Make sure that the battery is legit. There have been known cases of people removing cell phone batteries, replacing with counterfeit (junky) batteries and then selling the original batteries separately.

    TeleBusillis: Box Breaking and Counterfeiting
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    Who was the seller? I want to add him/her to my Do Not Buy From list.
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    Sometimes you need to stick something between the battery and the case to make the touchstone work more reliably. Maybe the sticker moved down over the "charging piece"
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