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    Any recommendations on where to get cheap micro USB cables?
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  2. #2 has always been reliable and cheap for me. I have bought several, including the longer lengths.
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    +1 on the Monoprice. Silly to buy cables anywhere else.
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    When you factor in shipping costs, you can sometimes find them cheaper on Amazon--and free 2-day shipping if you have Prime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pseudoswede View Post
    When you factor in shipping costs, you can sometimes find them cheaper on Amazon--and free 2-day shipping if you have Prime.
    I just got 2 of them on Amazon for $6 total including shipping.
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    Hard to beat $1 a piece at dollar tree!
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    +1 on Monoprice. Bought a ton of stuff from them. Great company with great customer service.
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    I love Monoprice. However - I saw THIS post here on PreCentral and ordered THIS USB cable(s) and they were cheaper than Monoprice because of the shipping. They are short (30") but - hey. I ordered several because they also worked for my Nook. You have to have the little hooks on the end of the part that plugs into the TouchPad for it to work properly. Or the Nook. Or so I think. They sell a lot of micro USB cables on Monoprice but only some of them have the hooks on the end.

    The one I ordered from Amazon is a very close match to the HP TouchPad cable. The part that sticks in is a little longer but other than that - it's an exact match. My Monoprice does not match - I just discovered it. (The 5 pin opening is smaller on the Monoprice one)
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    check out
    you'll find it for 1.2$ with free shipping!

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    I got mine at my local target store for 9 bucks
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    Oh yeah, almost forgot. You can buy the original Palm Pre/Pixi wall charger from Amazon, and it comes with a Palm micro-USB cable. That way you can get an actual Palm cable for dirt cheap and have a spare wall charger for your phone too (does not charge the TP).

    $3.17 shipped, currently: Palm Pre Original Smart Phone AC USB Wall Adapter + Original Palm PRE Charging USB 2.0 Data Cable: Cell Phones & Accessories
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    you can also get a palm wall charger from Verizon wireless for $4.95 with free shipping and 25% off if you get a corporate discount.
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    I also agree about monoprice. Just bought 2 micro usb cords from them for $4 including shipping, and they really do have great customer service.
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    Does monoprice make quality stuff? I want a longer micro USB to USB cord as well as another power charger. Anyone know where I can get another HP power charger for cheap? So far it looks like the HP shop has it for the cheapest at $12
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    I just bought this cable from Monoprice and it worked perfectly...

    For only $0.84 each when QTY 50+ purchased - 3ft USB 2.0 A Male to Micro 5pin Male 28/24AWG Cable w/ Ferrite Core (Gold Plated) | USB 2.0 Cables - Micro-B Type

    could have gotten a 6' but the 3' was enough for me.

    got it as a spare only, on top of my regular one and a touchstone dock, together with some audio cables I wanted to buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3FLi View Post
    Does monoprice make quality stuff?
    Absolutely. Their cables are just as high or higher quality as the massively overpriced stuff you buy at big-box stores. Some stuff is worth paying more for, but there is really no reason to pay more for cables. Of the most overpriced stuff on the planet, the top three have to be inkjet ink, bottled water and audio cables.

    Compare a Monoprice cable to a Monster cable and you'll want to ram your head into a wall if you've ever been stupid enough to actually pay for a Monster Cable.

    Or if you really feel the need to shed money to feel like you're getting high quality stuff, buy a Monoprice cable and then just burn 30x whatever you paid for it, and it will be just like buying a Monster cable.

    Hope this wasn't too subtle for you.
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    $1.5 FS at AMAZON
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    A link would be nice...
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    @OP are you in the US?

    Most of the times cable/ac adapter questions come up it's from folks outside of the US that can't get the item through all the channels those of us in the US can.
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    If you are fine with 12" cables...

    3 Pack 1 Foot USB A to Micro USB M/M Data Cable for Cell Phones, Charge Cell Phone on PC and Transfer Data for $1.25 + FS after using Coupon Code: MLCK107XNL1 limit 600 uses
    You have to add the three pack to get the price.

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