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    I've been looking all over, there are reviews of keyboard folios in the US but cannot find a decently priced case with a keyboard built in for the UK.

    I would be willing to shell out if the case look a decent quality but the ones I've seen don't look much better than the HP folio except with a keyboard as well.

    I know there's none made for the touchpad, but anyone got a compatible Ipad 1 case?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have used the brookstone ipad 1 case w/ rubber keyboard and a chepo ebay ipad 1 case with plastic keyboard

    the plastic keyboard is way nice, but the brookstone case was better leather or whatever and was more of a better fit and firm. Typeing on the silicon was turrble, the plastic was win.
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    There's another one but it's pricey Adjustable Bluetooth Slider Keyboard Case for Tablet | eBay both of these are likely to be US layout though I suspect.
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    So anyone got one? Preferably with hard plastic keys!

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