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    My wife can't seem to get her TouchPad to turn off when in the Touchstone charger, this doesn't seem normal. It also doesn't charge to 100 percent, it gets to 80 percent and that is it. Am I missing something?
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    You should be able to shutoff the screen by pressing the power button a couple of times (while on the touchstone - the screen is off, not the unit itself).

    If the unit is off and you set it on the touchstone, then it powers up. I suspect this is a feature to allow the touchpad to monitor the charge on the battery so as not to fry it from over charging.

    As for the 100% thing, I would allow the unit to completely discharge. Once dead, put it on the charger and let it fully charge... I've had this work on other devices.

    These type of devices are designed to be on full time, and only turned-off if not going to be used for an extended time.
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    You might want to try restarting the TP too. It maybe a glitch.

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