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    I have a Jensen WBT212 stereo headset that works great on my Pre Minus. I tried pairing it to the Touchpad but it gives me a notification error that it couldn't connect. Any idea what the problem is? Anyone using BT headsets in general? I want to use a pair while watching movies.
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    Does no one use a stereo BT headset on the Touchpad?
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    My Platronics Backbeats 903 BT headset pairs fine with my TouchPad.
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    I use motorola S9-HD bluetooth headsets and jaybird JF3 headsets, and both have paired with no problem.
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    I got it to pair with Motorola S305. I thought there was a list of compatible devices. Could onky find lists for Pre and Pixi.
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    Try restarting your Touchpad. I was having problems pairing my bt headset with my VZW Pre Plus and that did the trick.
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    Thank you for the suggestions. Are any of you using them with Kalemsoft Player? I am watching AVI and MKV at the gym while riding the bike to trick myself into thinking riding a stationery bike is fun. I am using wired ear canal buds because I really need something loud enough to block out all the background noise. Are any of those headphones up to the challenge? Thx.
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    C'mon! Please!
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.

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