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    Hi, I'm looking for a screen protector that is easy to apply with no bubbles due to dust or whatever. I already bought a screen protector for a few bucks and it didn't apply very well, even after several attempts.

    My main problem is that dust always manage to find its way between the protection and the tp.

    So what did you buy and how did it apply? Buying a screen protector shipped with some kind of lotion to clean up the screen could help a little bit? Or are there solutions that differs from the usual protections we find on internet?

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    The only way to ensure that NO lint/dust gets in is to be in a dust-free environment!

    Barring that, I try to make sure that I'm in as clean an environment that I can find, and go very slowly and methodically. Wipe everything down with a lint-free cloth, remove smudges, get everything as clean as you can. It also helps to have a friend who can help you move things, since two hands are rarely enough. And follow instructions exactly - if it says to wet down your hands, WET DOWN YOUR HANDS!!!

    Hope this helps -
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    The best time and place to fit one is in the bathroom just after you've showered. The steam helps to cut down on dust particals. As said above, use a small amount of soapy water to help you position it too.
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    I'm decent at installing Zagg shields. I use compressed air after I wipe the unit clean. After that use liberal amounts of the liquid. If you have enough liquid you can get and bubbles out.
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    its possible to install any protector without bubbles and no solution. I have an acase matte and mine is bubble free minus one little dust particle on a corner. Just take your time and push as many bubbles out as you can originally. Too many people leave bubbles thinking they'll go away lol.

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