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    is it possible to pair one HP Bluetooth keyboard to 2 or 3 Touchpads?
    (without having to go through the pairing process when switching to
    another Touchpad)

    Right now, if I pair the HP Bluetooth keyboard to the first Touchpad,
    the second Touchpad won't recognize the keyboard, even if I turn off
    Bluetooth on the first Touchpad. I have to pair the keyboard to
    the second Touchpad again to use it. The same thing happens if
    I swith from the second Touchpad back to the first Touchpad.

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    Although the bluetooth standard supports multiple devices connecting into network, no bluetooth device I've owned has actually been able to pair with one other device at a time as far as I know.
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    Some bluetooth headsets can definitely connect to multiple devices at the same time. Active connections, switching between devices on the fly.

    So while it's certainly possible, I haven't read of any bluetooth keyboards can do this.

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