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    Will other bluetooth keyboards work on the touchpad or do we have to buy the HP one?
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    Pretty sure others will work. I haven't tried it mind you but if you search these forums you'll find posts by folks who have used the Microsoft 6000 bluetooth keyboard among others with the touchpad. I did use my HP bluetooth keyboard on our iPad and it worked fine. Most of them should be pretty standard but watch out I've seen some older ones that need drivers and not being supported any more so difficult. Pretty much anything current or recent should be fine as I understand it.
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    I'm using a generic BT keyboard I bought a few years ago. It works fine with the TP.
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    I've tried a Logitech bt keyboard for the iPad and it works, but the media keys don't work.

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    I have the official HP one, but I've also used my apple bluetooth keyboard with the Touchpad and it works.
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    any bluetooth keyboard should work, I am using the apple one with it and it works fine with no problems.
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    I have been trying to get the Apple Bluetooth keyboard to work...but I don't have/cannot get the sync appears when you connect it to an Apple, the password appears on the screen...however you cannot use that same password on the Touchpad....

    Any comments?


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