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    I've been looking for something to mount my touchpad on while I'm either lying down or on the couch and wanted to see if anyone has every used this mount called iGet.

    Looks interesting, but would like to have read some reviews.


    or even this one?
    Universal iPad SnakeClamp : iPad Holder Stand Cradle Mount Bracket Support Flexible Gooseneck Hose Arm Fits iPad 1 and iPad 2
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    First one is waaay ott! the second at least has a small footprint, as long as the base is weighted properly so the whole thing doesn't topple over on you.
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    I'm thinking that the first one, the iGet can be pretty versatile, sort of like a gorillajoby for digital cameras. With the iget, maybe it can even be used as a mount in the car passenger side.
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    It might be useful but it takes up half a desk top!

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