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    Laalo - Daily Deals, Deal Of The Day

    Black Leather Case Cover With Stand for HP TouchPad
    CONDITION: Brand New
    PRODUCT: 1 HP Leather Touch Pad Case

    $5 shipping.

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    Well, artificial leather.

    Still, at $15, what can we expect.

    Given that it has a magnetic clasp, I might actually be interested if there was more info and better pictures, but they don't even list the manufacturer. In fact, their ad copy seems to suggest it's made by HP, which is certainly not the case.

    There's just one tiny photo, when you click "view large", it shows the same tiny pic. Worse, the case seems to completely cover the bezel, which really makes me wonder if this isn't just another re-badged iPad case.

    Thanks for posting this interesting find, but this company seems too lame for me to trust them with a credit card.
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