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    Greetings folks,

    Ordered and received 2 Touchpad wall chargers from PreCentral. After plugging it in, I got that message that says that the charger is not giving the proper amount of juice to properly charge up the TP. Upon calling a rep and stating the issue, he spoke to a technician and returned saying that the charger is working but just will take longer to recharge the TP. There was no little lightning bolt in the battery indicator. I've been a member of PC for a long time and have always had great service when ordering products so this not a negative post against them. However, I did ask why they were selling a product that does not work as advertised. Got the " its gonna take alittle longer" speech.

    In short, the PC store folks are great.....but don't buy that charger!

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    If you have the charger plugged into the wall and not a pc or something, you got the wrong charger or something is wrong with it.

    Edit: That is... if it's supposed to be an HP touchpad charger..
    If it's a generic one that's probably why.

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    Send it back. It is not truly compatible by any meaning of the word.

    If it's the one they had on sale earlier this week, it's a cheap generic USB charger. USB chargers like that can take 8 times longer to charge your Touchpad. 8 times.

    As things stand now, I am not aware of any non-HP charger that can recharge the Touchpad at anything near the speed of the official HP charger. The best are 4 times slower. Even 3rd party chargers with the same power ratings as the HP chargers are generally not wired properly to charge the Touchpad. They only provide a fallback mode trickle charge.

    Pre Central do their users a disservice by claiming Touchpad compatibility with those cheap, 500 miliamp (or less) chargers.
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