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    Curious how many forum members have installed a screen protector on their touchpad.
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    didn't think i needed one at first, but i was very careful with mine and it has a hairline scratch. slapped a protector on that bish
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    I got one not so much to protect the screen but more to cut down on the fingerprints. The protector also gives me a more smoother feel which makes it better for games like glow hockey. I don't think screens really need protecting. I bought a generic one on ebay. 3 for $5. Works great. Can't tell its there but my fingers feel the difference and not as many fingerprints.
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    my screen has been protected since i got the touchpad. i didnt take off the plastic that the touchpad came in until my full body skin from best skins ever arrived. the screen has never been actually touched.
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    I used to put screen protectors on most of my gadgets,, but then when I got the Pre 2, I decided not to, and it's been great. I like the glass feel, and have no scratches.

    Now I'm doing the same thing with my Touchpad. I've only had mine for a day. I have it in the folio case, don't plan on putting a screen protector on it.
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    I put one on my TP(one of the cheap ones from eBay/China) .

    Went on fine no air bubbles no dust. Just remember it's best to turn on the shower to hot and do it in the bathroom to eliminate dust. (door closed)

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