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    Has anyone ever been successful at putting on a screen protector with no bubbles? Lol. I've come close and I really like the generic screen protector I got for 3 for $6 on ebay. But I still have just a minute few bubbles impossible to get out. Oh well it looks pretty good and I like the fee of the screen much better. Btw, there is no reason to spend big bucks on a screen protector. Seriously, the ones on ebay are just as good.
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    I managed to get one on perfectly on my first attempt! Bought the Acase brand from amazon for about 15 bucks for 3 sheets. Ran the shower before applying it to make sure no dust got caught under, it practically placed its self on the screen with no air bubbles. xD

    Unfortunately, I skipped the shower step when I tried to apply a sheet to my dad's tp. No air bubbles, but see a piece of dust managed to get stuck to the screen. Not noticeable during use.. meh
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    bought generiks brand 3pack from amazon. first application - went perfectly, but there's a top layer to peel off. i accidentally ripped off the protector as well, ugh. second application went fine, no air bubbles but i noticed the protector had small marks on it brand new :|
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    I wanted the Acase but couldn't get delivery to UK:-(
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    actually mine looks pretty good now, I got the bubbles out using the scotch tape method. The ones I got are reusable. Not bad for $5. I had some air pockets on the side but they came out using my fingernails.

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